Rosé wines have been gaining in popularity for years now, but one style in particular hogs the spotlight.

The dry rosés of Provence, once sought out only by wine geeks, struck pop culture gold in 2012 when former power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie purchased one of the region's leading wine estates and later married on the property.

Provençal rosé, identifiable by its distinctive powder-pink color, has been ubiquitous in the Instagram feeds of the rich and famous ever since.

Americans have enthusiastically embraced this delightful summer style, and it's easy to see why.

While other rosé wines vary wildly in their degrees of sweetness, flavor intensity and alcoholic strength, shoppers always know what they're getting when they grab a rosé from Provence: a reliable flavor profile that is bone dry, subtle in flavor and light in texture. This entry-level cuvée from Château Minuty is a perfect example, with its delicate flavors of white cranberries and strawberry sorbet, and a steal at this bargain basement price while supplies last.

M de Minuty Rosé, Côtes de Provence, France; 2 bottles for $25 (sale price while supplies last – regularly $16.99 per bottle)  PLCB Item #8897. Also available at: Total Wine & More in Cherry Hill, $14.99; Canal's Wine & Liquors in Pennsauken,  $17.99.