A marriage between Dad's Hat whiskey and the Grinarml's maple syrup company has produced a tangy, whiskey-infused syrup, packaged in a bottle that evokes a flask.

The syrup, made in partnership with Keystone Homebrew Supply, was created by aging the Somerset company's syrup in the oak casks used to make Dad's Hat rye whiskey. The rye flavoring adds a boozy edge to the sweetness of the syrup, but it still tastes more like maple than whiskey.

This year, Dad's Hat has also collaborated with local jam maker Gregory Benjamin on marmalade infused with the flavors of a Manhattan cocktail, and with Fruitwood Orchards in Monroeville on honey made with whiskey. The honey is available at the distillery and at Green Aisle stores; the marmalade will be available later this month on preservesandmarmalade.com.

Dad's Hat Whiskey Maple Syrup, $19.99 for a 250 ml bottle at DiBruno Bros. (dibruno.com) or $27 at Green Aisle grocery stores (greenaislegrocery.com). Also at Dad's Hat distillery (dadshatrye.com) and Keystone Homebrew (keystonehomebrew.com).