Whether you call it pork roll or Taylor ham, you'll now be able to enjoy one of New Jersey's most popular breakfast meats for dessert thanks to one Garden State creamery.

Windy Brow Farms out in Fredon Township revealed its pork roll ice cream as part of a "Only in Jersey" ice cream collection this week. According to NJ.com. the treat counts as Jersey's very first Taylor ham ice cream.

But it's not just pork roll flavor alone, seeing as that would be "gross," as managing partner Jake Hunt told the publication. To offset the weird factor, Windy Brow added in French toast and maple syrup elements, leading to what he called a "really good balance of super sweet and super salty."

And they're not skimping on the meat, either. As Hunt said, each 2.5-gallon container of the ice cream should contain roughly two pounds of Taylor ham.

To make the ice cream, Windy Brow first caramelizes a bunch of pork roll before coating it in cinnamon-sugar. Then, the creamery adds in challah bread French toast to bring everything together in a maple-flavored ice cream base.

If that's not weird enough for you, just wait. Windy Brow will be releasing four more flavors in its "Only in Jersey line, including tomato pie, sweet corn, and the comparatively normal blueberry.

Pennsylvanians, however, aren't strangers to weird, meaty ice cream flavors. Last year, Old City's Franklin Fountain debuted an ice cream featuring PA's favorite breakfast meat, scrapple. That flavor was prompted by a fake viral photo showing a scrapple-flavored ice cream from Wegmans.

Ice cream, however, isn't the only weird place pork roll has shown up recently. South Jersey's Flying Fish Brewing, for example, released a pork roll-infused beer dubbed Exit 7 Pork Roll Porter back in 2016.

And it is pork roll, by the way — at least according to NJ.com's readers, anyway. In a 2016 poll by the site, 38,185 participants voted to call the breakfast meat pork roll, compared to just 32,395 voters who preferred Taylor ham.