Red Solo cups work fine for picnics, campsites, boats, pools and beach parties. But there's a more attractive, elegant, and much less wasteful alternative: stackable, collapsible plastic wine glasses that can be reused for years.

The Kikkerland wine glasses, which are available on Amazon in sets of two, come in several varieties and colors, such as goblets with black or white stems. From a design company based in New York, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong, they are made of durable plastic that is BPA-free, and hold 10 ounces of liquid.

The two-piece cups are assembled by clicking the stems and goblets together, then can be disassembled, stacked into place and clipped to a carabiner or hung on a hook with a removable strap. When stacked together, they are compact enough that they take up very little room in a suitcase or backpack. They can also be used as regular cups, without attaching the stems.

Kikkerland stacking wine glasses, $7 for a set of two on Amazon; $10 on