On Thursday, when the Eagles take the field against the Atlanta Falcons for their season opener, at-home viewers can crack open a beer created to celebrate the Birds' historic Super Bowl win.

Urban Village Brewing Co. in Northern Liberties last week released "Fiddy Two." The tall cans of IPA feature an illustration of a beer hop dressed in the Mummer costume that Jason Kelce wore during February's Super Bowl parade.

The beer is a smooth and refreshing blend of fruity flavors that include passion fruit and cantaloupe.

The beer is available from the brewing company, as well as at Tria's Rittenhouse and Washington Square locations,  Twelve Steps Down in South Philadelphia, and assorted supermarkets.

Fiddy Two beer, $15 for a four-pack at Urban Village Brewing Co., 1001 N. Second St., urbanvillagebrewing.com