Kevin Krieder, 33 years old, Philly home boy, model and fitness trainer is the first to admit he was not as comfortable in his own skin as he is today. He can remember how tough it was growing up an Asian American male.

"As a kid I felt like I didn't belong, because I was always mocked for being Asian," Krieder painfully recalls.  "High school was the worst four years of my life.  I had received a-lot of rejection from girls, and even Asian girls would say they didn't date Asians."

How awful.  Racial propaganda, even when some of it seems complimentary, may have unintended consequences.  Obviously, for Krieder and many Asian American males, the stereotypes about their masculinity have been damaging, for far too long.

Some of the most common Asian male stereotypes are: Asian men are all super smart and only get straight A's in school, karate is in their genes, they can't drive, they're not athletic, and worst of all, Asian men are asexual.

There is little doubt, that the Hollywood manufactured image of the asexual Asian male has had the most lasting and devastating consequences for generations.

"For the past five or six years, I thought I was the only one challenging these stereotypes," Krieder said. "Thankfully, there is a growing awareness and more Asian men are talking about this and disrupting the media and old Hollywood image."

At 6 foot, 185 - all chiseled pounds - Krieder has truly build an impressive physique, an ideal sexy male body with broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and thick strong legs.

So, go on an admit it, when it comes to physical attractiveness, Krieder's got it going on.  And although all stereotypes are bad (because it paints a group as being all the same) let's kill the stereotype that Asian guys are not sexy, handsome, or can't get the girl.

Now that we've set the record straight on Asian male sexiness, here are Krieder's five favorite fitness tips:

Q: What's your general advise?
A: Well, for some it's about losing weight. For others it's about adding definition. For all, it's about getting to your goals the smartest, most effective way possible, with a plan that fits your body type and your life.

Q: What are the most effective exercises people should do?  What exercises give us the most bang for our buck? 
A: The most effective exercises to build muscle are squats, dead-lifts and bench-presses.  Period.  

Q: What about diets?  What type of dietary plan do you follow?
A:  When it comes to diet I like intermittent fasting.  I eat twice a day at 1 or 2 p.m. and again at 5 or 6 p.m.  I love the energy I get from fasting and I've never been stronger!  I also believe in flexible eating, because I have to eat what I like.  

Q:  What about supplements?  What shakes and supplements do you use?
A:  Honestly, supplements hold me back.  I used to take a pre-workout supplement and they have a place.  But for me, I don't take supplements any more.  I do like my coffee though.

Q: How many days a week do you train; are you in the gym twice a day, every day?
A: No, I just train three times a week.  I do strength training for one hour on training days and I do yoga once a week.  I prefer lifting over cardio and so, I do not do any cardio anymore.