Summer is officially here, and despite your best efforts, you never lost the ten pounds you gained over the winter, right?  No problem. So, while you should continue to strive to eat healthier and commit to daily exercise, just let go of the guilt and re-boot again. In the meantime, you can instantly improve your appearance and look ten pounds thinner and younger by implementing some or all of these techniques.

Let Your Light Shine

Maintaining a positive attitude and a healthy self-esteem will take you a long way.  While it sounds like a trite phrase, attitude is indeed everything!  Believing in yourself and feeling good about yourself will boost your confidence, give you a can-do attitude, and enliven your spirit.  Not only will you feel great, your positive thinking will in turn attract more positive people into your life.  The laws of attraction theory says like attracts like. So go on and let your little light shine, radiate those good vibrations, and poof, feel ten pounds lighter.

Posture Matters

Face it, most people have terrible posture today.  The main culprit, obviously is most of us are sitting in front of computers or slouching over laptops and cellphones. Also, most moms these days are not admonishing and nagging their kids to sit and stand up straight.  But since all else has seemingly failed, perhaps appealing to your vanity will help you to stand and sit up straight. Guaranteed, standing and sitting up straight will instantly make you look ten pounds thinner, and better yet, ten years younger.


Proper fitting undergarments can make a world of difference in your appearance. For the ladies, a proper fitting bra will not only lift and separate, it will make you look leaner and more toned. On the other hand, a poorly fitting bra will add pounds, lumps, and rolls.

Select the Right Style, Fabric and Fit

Many men as well as women fall victim to wearing the wrong style, fabric, and fit for their physique.  In addition to looking bad, ill-fitting clothing that's the wrong style, fabric, and fit, or either too big or too small can add significant pounds.  It is far better to have a few quality pieces in the right style, fabric, and cut for your body, than a closet full of unflattering clothing.  For example, shiny, textured, and light fabrics add on the pounds big time.  No, it's not just your imagination, that hot pink taffeta dress does make you look fat.  To look ten pounds thinner, create a vertical line, wear dark fabrics, and go monochromatic.

Get a new Haircut

A great haircut can make both sexes look ten pounds thinner (and younger, too).  A fresh haircut can make you feel and look more youthful, and that will certainly boost your confidence. Gentlemen, manicured mustaches and beards can also erase pounds.  The right up-do can shave off ten pounds for the women, but a part in the center of your head will add on the pounds.  On another note, the wrong hair color can make you look heavier and older, too.  Getting just the right highlights and undertones in your hair will naturally erase some pounds, and have you looking good.  Oh yeah, and let's not forget about eyebrows.  Well-groomed, defined eyebrows can make you look leaner and younger.

Get a Tan

It's true, tanned skin makes you look slimmer.  On dark skin muscles appear to be more defined and shapely, and just the opposite on lighter skin.  Yes, that's why bodybuilders either get a traditional tan or invest in a serious spray tan before photo shoots or competitions.  On the flip side, we all know that too much sun exposure can cause serious premature aging and skin cancer. So with that said, better stick with the spray tan to achieve that lean, youthful appearance.