The following restaurants and eateries were closed temporarily by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health between Apr. 12 and Apr. 26 for "unacceptable" conditions or "imminent health hazards." A list of eateries facing court dates follows.

Munchie Hut
5108 MARKET ST 19139
24 violations, 8 serious.
Food prepared in private home; food held at hazardous temperatures; mouse feces on shelving; no toilet room; chemicals stored with food and equipment; residue, dishes and utensils in handwash sink. Asked to close temporarily on Apr. 25. 

Mui Chung on 1100 block of South Broad St.

Mui Chung Restaurant
1133 S BROAD ST 19147
19 violations, 4 serious.
Live mouse running in kitchen; rodent droppings on shelving units, along perimeter of sandwich prep station and on floors throughout; no soap or towels at kitchen handwash sink; uncovered containers of spring rolls and raw chicken; refrigerators heavily soiled with food debris. Ordered to close immediately by Court of Common Pleas on Apr. 21.

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Bodhi Coffee
261 S 10TH ST 19107
10 violations, 5 serious.
Food safety certified person not present; mouse droppings on coffee filters and under shelving in coffee bar area; front door not rodent proof; open employee beverage in kitchen; no soap at handwash sink. Asked to close voluntarily on Apr. 21. 

Jonalis Grocery Store Inc
315 N 52ND ST 19139
21 violations, 3 serious.
Sewage on floor in basement; expired containers of baby food for sale; inadequate lighting; manager did not know foodborne illnesses, symptoms or reporting procedures; fresh mouse feces throughout basement. Ordered to close for a minimum of 48 hours on Apr. 21. 

Trang Market.

Trang Market
6409 WOODLAND AVE 19142
23 violations, 13 serious.
Two bins of fish sitting at room temperature; food safety certified person not present; no soap or paper towels in restroom; severely dented canned goods for sale; moldy tomatoes for sale; raw pork piled high in bin and touching smoked turkey products; accumulated grime on bandsaw. Ordered to close for minimum of 48 hours on Apr. 20.

King's Deli
4 violations, 2 serious.
Chemicals stored with food; person in charge and food safety certified person not present. Asked to close temporarily on Apr. 19. 

Jonalis Grocery Store Inc
315 N 52ND ST 19139
35 violations, 13 serious.
No hot water; sewage on floor in basement; old mouse feces in storage area; baby food expired Oct. 2016; woman's ponytail brushed meat slicer; eggs held at hazardous temperatures; employee cell phone on cutting board; accumulated debris on food slicer; chemicals stored with food. Ordered to close for minimum of 48 hours on Apr. 18. 

Smoking Hot Deli
2066 N 02ND ST 19122
10 violations, 3 serious.
Mouse droppings on retail shelves; food safety person not present; no paper towels or sign reminding to wash hands at handwash sink. Asked to close temporarily on Apr. 18.

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Mamma Maria Ristorante Italiano located at 1637 E. Passyunk Ave.

Mamma Maria Ristorante
1637 E PASSYUNK AVE 19148
35 violations, 11 serious.
Employee washed hands in wrong sink; pink slime inside ice machine; no soap in men's room; grain beetles observed crawling on bar in the bread drawer; uncovered cakes in the refrigerator;  mice feces on food prep shelves, on dining room floors; on service area walls and in refrigerator compressor compartment; tongs touching rim of trash can; cluttered basement. Ordered to close for minimum of 48 hours on Apr. 12. 

 CHARLES FOX / Staff Photographer
4255 MAIN ST 19127
22 violations, 6 serious.
Dead mouse and rodent feces in closet; mouse droppings along floor perimeters throughout the facility; gnawed paper on shelf; two ants in refrigerator; several dead roaches; built up grime under and beneath kitchen equipment;  no proof raw fish has been previously frozen; retain vacuum packed fish but do not sell to customers;  empty paper towel dispensers and no soap at sinks.  Asked to stop preparing sushi rice, but not asked to close, on Apr. 12.
Scheduled for hearings in Court of Common Pleas on Apr. 27: Quick Stop Deli4832 SPRUCE ST 19139; Hai Street Kitchen & Co125 S 40TH ST 19104; Cafe Michelangelo11901 BUSTLETON AVE 19116; P & B Breakfast6003 N 05TH ST 19120; Full Moon Pizza4842 OLD YORK RD 19141; Boston Market (0041), 4600 CITY AVE; ReAnimator Cafe1523 E SUSQUEHANNA AVE 19125; Quality Donuts, 101 W CHELTEN AVE 19144;  Beijing Garden Li LLC5911 RIDGE AVE 19128. 
Federal Donut on the 3400 block of Sansom St..

Scheduled for hearings in Court of Common Pleas on Apr. 25: Federal Donut, 3428 SANSOM ST 19104; Square 1682, 115 S 17TH ST; Top Tomato Pizza Cafe, 1107 WALNUT ST 19107; Kidz R People Too Learning Center, 4839 RISING SUN AVE 19120; Osaka Restaurant, 8605 GERMANTOWN AVE 19118; Jonalis Grocery Store Inc, 315 N 52ND ST 19139; 18th Street Food, 1801 W ONTARIO ST 19140;  Church's Chicken, 3652 N BROAD ST 19140; Vernie's Soul Food; 1800 W ELEANOR ST 19141; ; Tejada Grocery, 2400 W ALLEGHENY AVE 19132.

Trolley Car Diner.

Scheduled for court hearings on Apr. 25, continued.
Trolley Car Diner, 7619 GERMANTOWN AVE 19119; Wyndale Grocery, 5648 WYNDALE AVE 19131; Kum Lin Restaurant, 2417 WELSH RD 19114; Kids 'R' Special Day Care Center, 2100 BOLTON ST 19132; Jonalis Grocery Store Inc, 315 N 52ND ST 19139; Dunkin Donuts, 809 S BROAD ST 19147; Epicure Cafe at East Falls, 3401 CONRAD ST 19129; Family Dollar Store #6929, 6555 GREENE ST 19119; Save -A- Lot, 5834 PULASKI ST 19144; 40th St. Grocery, 804 N 40TH ST 19104; 

The health department inspects nearly 1,000 eateries and food retailers every two weeks. Every inspection is generally regarded as a "snapshot in time," and not necessarily a reflection of day-to-day conditions.  Most violations were fixed immediately on site.

If you suspect you have contracted food poisoning or have a sanitation complaint, contact the health department at 215-685-7495.

Contact reporter Sam Wood at, 215-854-2796, or @samwoodiii.