Health inspectors in Montgomery County rarely order eateries to close, but they do dole out plenty of citations and threaten to issue fines if a business doesn't address sanitation concerns.

Clean Plates looked at restaurants that had six or more serious violations since July 16. There were some familiar names this time around — Friendly's, Red Lobster, Collegeville Diner, and Bryn Athyn College.

Every inspection is generally regarded as a "snapshot in time," and not necessarily a reflection of day-to-day conditions.  Most violations were fixed immediately on site in the presence of an inspector.

Biryani Bowl Indian Cuisine, 1100 N Broad St., Lansdale
Biryani Bowl Indian Cuisine, 1100 N Broad St., Lansdale

Biryani Bowl Indian Cuisine 
1100 N Broad St.
21 violations, 9 serious
Debris was found in the microwaves; food items were stored uncovered in the walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer, and dry storage area; the restaurant did not have a date/time log for items on the lunch buffet with recorded temperatures; food debris was found on the door to an unused walk-in cooler, at the bottom of prep coolers; on food equipment, including the tandoori oven, fryer and ice machine; the dishwasher was not working at the time of the inspection. Inspected on August 3.

Desi Grocery & Halal Meat 
135 S Main St.
23 violations, 8 serious
Raw meat, packaged in the facility and offered for retail sale, was not correctly labeled; a stroller and child's stroller, table and chair were found behind register near entrance to prep area where nonemployees are not permitted; chemical items were stored above foods on retail shelves; a bug zapper was found directly on a table storing whole produce for sale; food boxes were stored on floor in retail area.
Inspected on August 10. The health department will re-inspect the facility on August 24.
Rocco's New York Oven
201 2nd Ave.
Collegeville, 19426
14 violations, 8 serious
An employee washed their hands but did not use soap; there was an employee's drink stored in ice machine; there were open bags of pasta items that should have been stored in sealed containers; the shelves in pasta cooler had a rust-like build-up on them and a dust build-up was found on fan guards. Inspected on August 3.

Michael’s Bar & Grill at Westover Country Club, 401 S Schuylkill Ave., West Norriton
Michael’s Bar & Grill at Westover Country Club, 401 S Schuylkill Ave., West Norriton

Michael's Bar & Grill at Westover Country Club 

401 S Schuylkill Ave.
West Norriton
18 violations, 8 serious
Open packages of lunch meat stored in walk in refrigerator; bulk flour and sugar were stored in reused chemical buckets on dry storage shelf and needed to be discarded; two gallons of milk were beyond the sell date; food including tuna salad, coleslaw, rice pudding, whipped cream, mayonnaise, and assorted cheeses were kept at improper temperatures and were discarded; the soda gun nozzle at the bar area was not clean; splash guards inside three ice machines were not clean; cutting boards at prep units were discolored and had grooves; the chemical sanitizing dish machine was not recording proper sanitation levels and needed to be repaired; the facility had to receive written permission from the health department before it could be used.
Inspected on August 2; re-inspection needed on or after Aug 16.

Sheba Deli Corp.
101 Fitch Road
28 violations, 8 serious
Mouse-like droppings were found throughout facility; there was an open bag of food crumbs located in deli area; raw eggs were improperly stored on counter in back room; deli meats lacked proper dates indicating when the original package was opened; thermometers were missing in several cooling units; the facility lacked a written procedure for managing fecal or vomiting incidents. Inspected on July 18.

200 Shoemaker Road
13 violations, 8 serious
Food was uncovered throughout the refrigeration units; liquid eggs were not kept at the proper temperature; the cook's line equipment had food and grease buildup; food workers were seen changing tasks without washing hands and changing gloves in between; used gloves were found scattered on a cutting board; food workers were not using the proper gloves when handling raw shelled eggs to avoid contamination; the floors and walls in cooking area and under equipment were not clean. Inspected July 13.

1626 Cowpath Road
15 violations, 7 serious
Cigarette smoke evident in employee restroom and ashes were found in the hand sink; an employee beverage was stored in prep cooler; the toilet in employee restroom did not flush; a tray of noodles covered the hand sink next to the walk-in cooler; cooked noodles and raw eggs were stored at room temperature without a date/time marking or log; cut lettuce was not stored at the correct temperature; mold-like growth was found on the door gaskets of walk-in cooler and prep cooler. Inspected August 10.

Collegeville Diner, 290 E Main St., Collegeville
Collegeville Diner, 290 E Main St., Collegeville

Collegeville Diner
290 E. Main St.
24 violations, 7 serious
Dead insects were found in the front counter display: raw meat, chicken and eggs were improperly stored; there were open bags of pasta and baking items observed in bakery area; modeling chocolate was stored on top of oven; the ice machine had a rust-like build-up on the upper backsplash; shelves in walk-in main kitchen not clean; employee's drink was stored in the ice machine. Inspected on August 4.
Staybridge Suites
88 Anchor Parkway
Royersford, 19468
15 violations, 7 serious
The company does not have a Certified Food Safety Manager. The chicken and taco meat sauce were not being defrosted properly; can opener blade was not clean; the sides of the interior backsplash of the ice machine had a mold-like growth; the dishwasher's temperature gauge was not working properly, all dishes needed to be rewashed once the unit was repaired. Inspected August 1. Scheduled for a reinspection on August 15.

800 Main St.
18 violation; 7 serious
Ventilation hood and filters had greasy debris; greasy build-up found under the fryer; several meats in cooler in prep area and a gallon of milk in walk-in cooler were beyond the expiration date; food stored at improper temperature; food stored in cooler units was not covered; unauthorized pesticides stored near food items; flying insects in the storage area; fans in walk-in cooler found with a dust-like debris; floors in back storage area had cracked or missing tiles; ceiling tiles missing and in need of repair.
Inspected August 1.

Brother Pauls
3300 Ridge Pike
18 violations, 7 serious
A cutting board at the cook line was discolored and had grooves; the can opener piercing point was not clean; the sides of deep fryer were not clean; no dates were marked on prepared food items and open packages of lunch meat; a cup was used as a scoop stored in sauces at cook line and dry goods; the health department food license was not posted in public view; dented food cans were stored on dry storage shelf; back door in kitchen was open to outside and at upstairs storage area; food handler did not have hair/beard restraint. Another inspection is set for or after August 11.

Red House, 2636 W Mt. Carmel Avenue, Glenside
Red House, 2636 W Mt. Carmel Avenue, Glenside

Red House
2636 W Mt. Carmel Avenue
17 violations, 7 serious
Raw beef stored above ready-to-eat vegetables at prep refrigerator; no date markings on cooked egg rolls and fried chicken; pH meter not functioning properly at time of inspection and the restaurant voluntarily discontinued preparation of sushi with rice; cooked egg rolls stored in wire baskets; rodent droppings on the floor under bulk dry good containers in back area; grease accumulation and food debris found on the floor under cooking equipment; drain under prep sink partially clogged;  no soap at hand sink in employee restroom; hand sink had utensils and a can in the basin; wet mop was stored in bucket with standing soiled water. Inspected July 18.

Zoto's Diner 
1100 Bethlehem Pike
Line Lexington
24 violations, 7 serious
Mold-like growth on top edge inside ice machine and splash guard of ice machine; food stored at improper temperatures; WD40, Aloe Vera, and Bactine stored on the same shelf as equipment used to prepare food; crab meat stored in opened and original can; paint was chipping on metal shelves inside walk-in cooler; food debris found on shelves inside prep cooler station. Inspected on July 12.

Little Philly
569 W High St.
18 violations; 6 serious
Mouse-like droppings were found in the rear of the kitchen; Grease-like food debris on floor under fryer
Foods in walk in cooler and top of pizza Bain-Marie cooler not stored at proper temperatures; thermometers were lacking in several coolers; pipe leaking water onto floor under rear hand sink; foods in the secondary containers and lunch meats in walk-in cooler lacked dates. Inspected August 11. A reinspected is set for August 25 or later.

Giovannis Pizzeria LLC
466 Main St.
16 violations, 6 serious
Plates found in dry storage with food debris on them and stored with cardboard in between; there was ice buildup in chest freezers; the Bain-Marie slow cooker was not holding a proper temperature and the interior of the unit was not clean; items needed to be stored in sealable containers; the dumpster lids were open at time of inspection; duct tape was found on multiple pieces of equipment. Inspected on August 11.

Giuseppe’s Pizza & Family Restaurant, 1200 N York Road, Willow Grove
Giuseppe’s Pizza & Family Restaurant, 1200 N York Road, Willow Grove

Giuseppe's Pizza & Family Restaurant
1200 N York Road
Willow Grove
13 violations; 6 serious
An open can of ketchup was found inside of the small food prep cooler in the back room; raw chicken was not being washed in a food prep sink; preparation and expiration dates were missing for items in the walk-in cooler; facility lacks a written procedure for managing fecal or vomiting incidents. Inspected August 7.

China Moon
2830 Shelly Road
15 violations; 6 serious
Food was uncovered throughout the refrigeration units; food was stored on floor in walk-in freezer; there was no time log for the oil and garlic mix stored out of refrigeration or warmers; the can opener blade was not clean; heavy grease build-up on the floors under the cook's line; overflowing trash in women's restroom; heavy greasy liquid on hood ventilation system; heavy dust-like debris on vents and ceiling tiles above the dining area. Inspected August 3.

Huntingdon Valley Country Club
2295 Country Club Drive
Huntingdon Valley
15 violations; 6 serious
Rodent droppings found in small mechanical room and flying insects were found throughout the facility; cutting board at the cook's line had discoloration and deep groves; thermometers missing in units throughout facility; prepackaged food items were stored inside of mechanical room; the hand sink station at bar leaked; the club lacked a current Certified Food Sanitation Manager certificate. Inspected August 1.

Cuisine India
180 Mill road
16 Violations; 6 serious
Employee seen straining rice directly into the mop sink; food unprotected at buffet area; food was stored in an opened original can; there was an unlabeled chemical spray bottle in kitchen; the walk-in cooler drain line lacked insulation; soiled wares were stored in food prep sink. Inspected July 28.

Red Lobster #0789, 223 Shoemaker Road, Pottstown
Red Lobster #0789, 223 Shoemaker Road, Pottstown

Red Lobster #0789
223 Shoemaker Road
13 violations, 6 serious
The limes were in bad condition; there were multiple flying insects found; numerous cutting boards had heavy stains; there was no hot water in the men's restroom sink; the Caesar and blue cheese dressings were kept at improper temperatures; a can opener blade was not clean; food debris on floor and in drains near dish washer. Inspected July 27.

Mario's Pizza
258 Main St.
East Greenville
11 violations, 6 serious
An employee was making the sandwiches without wearing gloves; the ceiling vent above pizza prep station had heavy dust build up; the slicer undercarriage was dirty; the Bain-Marie cooker was not kept at a proper temperature and needed repair; salami was not stored at a proper temperature; a basement window was open; there was heavy ice build-up in the standing freezer prep area. Inspected July 26.

Villa Vito Ristorante Italiano
315 Alumni Avenue
11 violations, 6 serious
Food in the refrigeration units was not covered; the can opener blade was not clean; a can of spray paint was found among food contact items; the vent in the upstairs men's restroom was not secured to the ceiling. Inspected July 26.

Pho Viet Hoa Restaurant
3646 Welsh Road
Willow Grove
9 violations, 6 serious
Raw sprouts, eggs, and garlic in oil were stored at room temperature on the cook's line; raw sprouts were in an ice bath in the wait staff station; sprouts in the bottom of a bin were not stored at proper temperatures; a tube of open caulk was stored on a self above food prep refrigerator. Inspected on July 19.

Swamp Pike Pub
2532 Swamp Pike
11 violations, 6 serious
Can opener blade was not clean; food debris on the dry storage shelves; mold-like debris on the interior back splash of the ice machine; debris on the walk-in cooler ceiling; greasy build-up on the floor underneath fryer; floors near three-bay sink and in the walk-in cooler need repair. Inspected July 17.

SAGE @ Bryn Athyn College, 2945 College Dr., Bryn Athyn
SAGE @ Bryn Athyn College, 2945 College Dr., Bryn Athyn

SAGE @ Bryn Athyn College
2945 College Dr.
Bryn Athyn
10 violations, 6 serious
A Wawa cup was found stored on dry storage shelf; sanitizer buckets were stored on the food prep cooler cutting boards; an absorbent cloth was stored underneath cutting board; no Certified Food Protection Manager; heated dish machine is working but has a leak in the booster. Inspected July 14.