Like every year, we're also doing the "Don't be a garbage human" new year's resolution. That means clean our desks (uh, can we take a rain check on that?), be nicer to our significant others (we're trying), and, of course, lose weight.

Lots of gyms are having specials right now, but if you're like us, you think going to work out without instruction is intimidating. We prefer to check out group fitness classes, which is why we're so interested in Class Pass.

You pay a flat fee for the Class Pass, which gets you into various fitness studios around the city so you can sample activities for what sort you want before settling into your routine (or keep switching it up, and keep buying Class Passes). Participating gyms are throughout the area, from Philadelphia to South Jersey to Bucks and beyond (you can use Class Pass in 39 different cities), in all different sorts of disciplines, from barre to cycling to boxing.

For the holidays, the company is offering sale prices for you to dip your toe in to different types of fitness. There are three different sales options: the Go Plan ($5 for the first month of three classes a month), Base Plan (50 percent off the first three months of five classes per month), or 70 percent off the Go, Base, or Core (that would be 10 classes a month).

C'mon, it's 2017, time to get up and start moving.

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