I have always loved ceiling fans. But my vaulted ceilings in the family room and low ceilings in some of the bedrooms have made it hard to purchase several identical fans, as I am not sure how low or how large they should be. Could you help, please?

- K.
A: My favorite decor look these days is the modern farmhouse style, and ceiling fans - along with wood ceilings and beams - help accomplish that look.

Ceiling fans come in many styles, so consider a simple version with brushed nickel, stainless steel, antique bronze, or iron finishes.

Are you looking for a consistent look or a consistent function with your fans? In addition to creating a decor, these fans make you feel more comfortable all year by gently circulating the air.

The key is figuring out how big to go with each fan. Almost any ceiling fan may overwhelm a tiny bedroom with a low ceiling. And a small fan in a huge space might get lost.

Think about choosing a finish that will coordinate with your decor, and find two or even three versions of your favorite fan to use in different-size rooms. Many manufacturers offer suites of fans and coordinating light fixtures. For the smallest rooms, consider a light fixture that fits close to the ceiling and matches your fans. Some fixtures even have the blades contained so they don't look like a traditional fan but function like one.

For beamed ceilings, choose a fan that fills a little more than half the space between the beams. But trust your gut feeling more than math. If possible, cut out a circle on cardboard the same size as the fan you want, hang it from the ceiling, and see what you think.

With a vaulted ceiling, you might be able to have a larger fan, especially if the ceiling is really high and you're hanging the fan from a beam in the middle. Be sure to hang the fan low enough so the blades will have plenty of space to spin freely.

Keep me posted, and good luck.



Jennifer Adams is a designer, author, and TV personality.