Q: Navy blue and grass green are my favorite colors, especially together. In our bedroom, I want to put down new blue carpet that will match some pretty blue-and-green sheets I just bought. I already have accent walls in blue and green, so I think it will all be lovely. My husband thinks it is a very bad idea. How can I convince him it'll be great?

A: Isn't it fun to customize your look, especially turning your bedroom into a relaxing place you love? Indigo is also one of my favorite colors, especially for bedding. When I was growing up, I loved navy blue so much I rented a carpet cleaner and actually dyed the carpet in my bedroom. Today, fortunately, there are much better ways to add color to your room.

However, it's your husband's bedroom, too, so he gets an opinion. Is this a conversation about the colors, or spending money, or something else? What are his thoughts on your colors, or even making changes at your house? Does he usually defer to your ideas?

In general, cool colors like blues and greens are calming and tranquil, which makes them ideal for bedrooms. But a navy carpet might make your room feel quite dark. Do you have a lot of natural light? For walls, I usually use neutrals and pale tones, not saturated colors like navy or grass green. But if you and your husband love these colors, I'd say go for it (though it seems that isn't really an option for you).

Consider a quieter, more neutral color for your carpet and walls. Brighter or darker colors (including navy blue) work well on the bed, and will create a strong focal point. Plants with large leaves are a modern way to add green tones. Add matching accessories and an area rug if you want more color. It's fun to change up these accents to keep your bedroom fresh.

White and warm sand colors are beautiful with navy blue, and green is a nice accent color. Stripes in particular will keep your color scheme bold and fun.

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