Q: There is one little thing that is bothering me in my new apartment. The builders left all the little stickers on all the light fixtures, which ruins the light and the look, especially on the one over the dining room table. Is it OK to take those stickers off?

A: I agree, those stickers are annoying! And thank you so much for sharing your photo. The whole idea of these stickers is to protect the manufacturer from liability if someone installs the wrong type of light bulb.

And they have a valid point, considering potential fire hazards. It looks from your photo like your light fixture has five, maybe six light bulbs. But I can't imagine five 60-watt bulbs in that fixture. That would be uncomfortably bright and glaring.

I like what you did with the candle-style incandescent bulbs, though also consider the old-fashioned Edison-style bulbs, too. Or an attractive candle-style LED that glows warmly will save energy. Before buying all five, experiment with a few different style bulbs to see which you like the best. Add a dimmer if your landlord would allow, so you can dial in exactly the right amount of light for any occasion.

Getting back to the sticker itself, if it was my own house, I would probably remove the sticker. But because this is a rental for you, is there a way to turn the light fixture so that the sticker is less obvious? Or remove the glass and put it in the back so the sticker wouldn't show as much?

I'm sure you won't be tempted to install higher wattage incandescent bulbs, even if you could buy them. But future tenants might not think about it. Someone might even install one or two brighter bulbs instead of five lower wattage bulbs. Think of them.

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