Q: Our master bedroom has two walls with large, corner windows and a fireplace and TV on the opposite side. I want to be able to look out one of the windows into the yard from my bed, but then it's quite hard to watch TV and see the fireplace. With three doors — including to the bathroom and outdoor terrace — there's no good place for the  bed  except in front of the big window opposite the fireplace. I once heard you shouldn't put a bed in front of a window, but I can't think of any other way to arrange our bedroom.

A: Even the best bedrooms have something that impacts the furniture arrangement. If you were blocking the only window in your room, that might be a safety concern in case of an emergency. But from a decorating standpoint, you have lots of windows and lots of options. When any room is organized with a focal feature in mind, it will automatically be more comfortable. The fact that your bedroom has so many focal features is a wonderful problem to have. So many people have to invent focal features for their rooms.

Consider prioritizing your focal features so the thing with the most importance is what you see first, right when you enter the room. For bedrooms, however, there can be too many focal features: bed, a fireplace, a TV, a view out the window. And, in your case, the views out two windows. By grouping the TV and fireplace near one another and near the bed and one of the windows, you've already simplified your room.

But craning your neck sideways to watch TV from the bed isn't very comfortable, and therefore, not very relaxing. To help create a relaxing feeling, it's perfectly OK to allow the view outside to be secondary to your fireplace and TV. If you have the luxury of lots of space in your room, perhaps a seating area with a sectional in front of the TV will make better viewing. Then you could be more flexible with where you place your bed. If not, then center your bed as best as you can for TV/fireplace watching and don't worry about where the windows are. Sometimes, you can add matching drape panels next to the window to make it look wider and make it appear like your bed is centered on the window.

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