So far this year, three people have died in police-related shootings. Here is a breakdown:

* Abebe Isaac, 33, of Independence Avenue near 68th, died last Monday from gunshot wounds when hit by police bullets during a New Year's Eve party in East Germantown. An officer fired 11 shots at an armed man and hit partygoers inside the house.

* Timothy Goode (above), 24, of Pratt Street near Broad, died Saturday after a confrontation with police in Germantown.

Police said Goode, the greatnephew of former Mayor W. Wilson Goode, was involved in a drug transaction and tried to flee from police. Cops said he pointed a gun at officers and was shot twice in the side and lower back.

* Trevar Cephas (above), 21, of 23rd Street near Edgley, died Saturday morning after cops shot him Friday night when he reached for a gun after being chased in a drug-related incident, cops said. *