My parents just gave me the twin beds that were in my room when I grew up. Is it OK to use them in a guest bedroom now? I have nothing in there, but I don't want it to look like a room for kids. (at least not yet).

- L.F.

A: Twin beds will make a charming and functional guest bedroom, especially if they're free. You can very easily host two people who aren't a couple, such as a friend with a child, or two friends. Even a couple can push the beds together if they want. Keep some space around all sides of the beds most of the time, though. You'll appreciate it when it's time to change the bedding.

Hopefully, the mattresses aren't the same ones you grew up with. Old mattresses won't support a sleeper comfortably and are full of dust and allergens (I'll leave it at that for now). Your guests will thank you for having something newer.

I'm always inspired by beautiful hotel rooms, and you can use this idea even with twin beds. If you have the space, one nightstand per bed is ideal, but just one in between the beds would be fine, too, and much better than none. Look for one that's big enough for a lamp, alarm clock, and each person's cellphone, a glass of water, etc.

An idea to tie the two beds together visually is to create a common headboard with a painted wall or decorative panel. The bedding could all match perfectly for a calming, quiet look. Obviously, look for grown-up patterns and colors. Or have some fun and buy coordinated sets and mix and match them between the two beds.

Everything else that makes a guest room inviting still applies. Have plenty of fresh towels, a bench or place to put a suitcase, and a dresser or closet space. Extra blankets are also appreciated. Other essentials include tourist guides to your city, plenty of outlets or extension cords, and extra toiletries in case someone forgets a toothbrush.

Have fun with these treasures from childhood. Send me a photo when you have it all done.

Jennifer Adams is a designer, author, and TV personality.

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