Matthew is intrigued by video games and loves working on computers and learning how the games work. The 14-year-old wants to be involved with technology when he grows up and envisions a career as a video game designer.

He would like to travel to California because it is the center of the video game world, and he would like to visit the headquarters of computer companies.

Matthew enjoys a variety of activities. Basketball is one of his favorites. He is also an avid fan of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, books, and games, and his sizable collection has led to his desire to learn Japanese. Someday, he might incorporate his Japanese knowledge into his video game creations.

Matthew gets along well with everyone and is well-liked at school and in his foster home. He is proud of his accomplishments at the vocational school he attends. Very cooperative, he enjoys participating in activities with adults and other children. A perfect day for him would include going to the beach, spending time with friends, and playing games.

If he had three wishes, they would be to make a lot of money, have a big-screen television, and have lifelong friends and family. Matthew wants very much to be adopted and would like to have a mom and a dad and a brother or a sister.

Matthew and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Anna Coleman at the National Adoption Center.