Zack, 15, loves cars and is quite knowledgeable about them. Point out a car driving by, and he can easily tell you what make it is. He enjoys playing basketball, watching television, playing video games, and shopping at the mall. Charming, humorous, and polite, he is fun to be around, although he can be shy when meeting new people.

In the ninth grade, Zack earns mostly A's and B's, and he is very proud of getting straight A's one year. Math and gym are his favorite subjects. His plans for the future include becoming an accountant or owning his own business.

If Zack could go anywhere it would be to Africa because he says it looks interesting, and he would like to learn more about it. Christmas is his favorite holiday because of the presents he receives.

Zack wants to be adopted and would like to have a family that is active and likes sports. He would benefit from a patient, loving, supportive family that can provide a consistent, structured environment for him. It would be helpful if they could find ways to help him express himself. He has older and younger siblings, and he would like to stay in touch with him.

Zack and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Jason Monn at the National Adoption Center.