Sierra is a fun-loving, bubbly, energetic 13-year-old who enjoys typical teen activities, including social networking, spending time with her friends, and going shopping. She also spends many happy hours creating crafts.

Sierra is enrolled in the sixth grade, and her favorite class is English. She delights in being a member of her school choir and aspires to be a singer when she grows up.

She loves Christmas because of the joyous activities of the holiday season.

Sierra is very proud of her Lifebook - a continuing record of her life. It includes such items as photos, souvenirs, and documents, as well as her comments.

Sierra has experienced much trauma in her young life and yearns to have a forever family. She dreams of having a loving, affectionate family that is patient and kind, and she looks forward to sharing her Lifebook with them. Hopefully, there would be pets in the home and children her age in the neighborhood.

Sierra is very close to her sister, Savannah, 11, and they are to be adopted together. Savannah enjoys crafts, watching television, and spending time with her friends.

Sierra and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Jason Monn at the National Adoption Center.