Terrel, who just celebrated his 18th birthday, loves to be active and spend time with others. He describes himself as "playful, friendly, and athletic." His many interests include playing football and basketball, video games, going on hikes, and swimming. He would like to try martial arts.

Terrel was delighted to visit a family fun center, where he spent the afternoon bowling, playing video games, and riding in go-karts.

Well-spoken and optimistic, Terrel views the obstacles he has encountered as encouragement to do better and to help others. In the 11th grade, he benefits from special-education services. Math and gym are his favorite subjects. He looks forward to getting a job when he graduates from high school.

If Terrel had three wishes, they would be to spend time at an amusement park, visit California, and go on a plane for the first time. In his foster home, Terrel takes great pleasure in keeping his bedroom neat and his sneakers "squeaky clean."

Terrel would like to be adopted by family that does activities together and goes to sports games. He would enjoy helping shop for groceries. Terrel loves pets and hopes there would be some in the home.

Terrel and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Paige Roller at the National Adoption Center.