Sahbay is a very energetic 10-year-old who delights in social and athletic activities. Although he enjoys playing football, he is passionate about soccer and envisions playing the game professionally. At one time, he played on a traveling soccer team.

Among Sahbay's favorite pastimes are a variety of crafts, including origami and creating objects with Legos. He is learning how to play chess.

Sahbay does very well in school and earns above-average grades. He has been on the honor roll for the last 18 weeks. Math is his favorite subject.

His social worker says one of the fascinating things about Sahbay is that he has learned how to milk a cow.

Sahbay wants very much to be adopted. His ideal family would include a mom and a dad who share his love for attending sports events. He would thrive in a home with a teenage male who could be a mentor. Sahbay likes dogs and hopes there would be some in the family.

A perfect day for him would include spending time with his brother and sisters. He is close to his siblings and it is important that contact be maintained.

Sahbay and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Paige Roller at the National Adoption Center.