Breanna is a sweet 14-year-old with a strong personality and a beautiful smile. She is truly becoming her own person as she gets older. Breanna loves art, especially drawing. Dancing is another favorite pastime, and she frequently can be found dancing with her siblings in their foster home. Although Breanna is very quiet, she enjoys talking and sharing facts about herself.

In eighth grade, Breanna loves going to school and learning new things. She benefits from special-education services and the guidance and support she receives.

Her sister Kerianne, 15, describes herself as "a talented singer and very unique." In ninth grade, she does well academically and is proud of being on the honor roll. She is looking forward to becoming involved in the school's performing arts programs.

Like other teenagers, Kerianne enjoys spending time talking and taking part in activities with her friends. She enjoys reading and writing her own stories.

The sisters are part of a sibling group of six who would like to be adopted together. (Ella and Michael were profiled last week. Kevin and Hannah will be featured in the future.)

For information on Breanna and Kerianne and other children available for adoption, contact Paige Roller at the National Adoption Center.