Kevin, 12, is polite, responsible, and very smart, and he is excited about his future. A hard worker, he doesn't want to let anything defeat him. He recently interviewed to attend one of Philadelphia's most prestigious grammar schools.

Kevin loves playing the trombone and has the potential to go somewhere with his music. He plays at Temple University through a special program where he gets exposure to different music programs. Kevin hopes to play throughout high school and college. He is in sixth grade and is consistently on the honor roll.

Hannah is an adorable 8-year-old with a delightful smile that draws people to her. She loves to give hugs and can always make you smile. Hannah is eager to talk to others and share details about her day with them. Orange is her favorite color.

Hannah is the youngest of six siblings who want to be adopted together. They are all polite, intelligent, and caring. (Breanna, Kerianne, Michael, and Ella were profiled previously.)

For information on the siblings and other children available for adoption, contact Paige Roller at the National Adoption Center.