Christopher is a soft-spoken, inquisitive, and affectionate 12-year-old who loves to play games. Passionate about Legos, he can be found creating objects with them at any time and anywhere.

Christopher is also intrigued by Star Wars, Ninja turtles, and the exploits of superheroes. Other favorite activities include playing games on his iPad and being outdoors. His idea of a "dream day" would be to spend time with his Legos and to play laser tag and arcade games.

Enrolled in the sixth grade, Christopher benefits from special-education services, small class size, and individual attention. Math and science are his favorite subjects.

Christopher has endured much trauma and loss in his young life and needs a forever family that will provide the permanency, love, patience, and support he needs to reach his potential. His ideal family will have a mom and a dad and other children. Christopher loves dogs and, hopefully, there would be some in the home. He has some relationships that are very important to him and they should be maintained.

Christopher and other children are available for adoption. Adoptive parents do not need to have a specific income and they do not need to own their own homes. Many of the children are eligible for financial subsidy.

For more information, contact Dominique McFadden at the National Adoption Center.