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are words often used to describe Trevon. The 13-year-old almost always has a smile. His caretakers say that he is a joy to be around and that everyone who meets him instantly falls in love with him.

Trevon easily approaches and engages with people he knows. He is passionate about his favorites and often asks for hugs from the caring adults in his life.

Trevon has abundant energy and enjoys physical play, including running and jumping, and he delights in being outdoors. If he could have three wishes, they would be to play outdoors all day, visit a park where he could run around and play, and take a long walk.

Trevon loves anything he can fidget with. One of his favorite indoor activities is playing with Legos, and he spends many happy hours creating objects with them.

Trevon really enjoys being in a family atmosphere and dreams of finding a forever family soon. Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, he needs a patient, loving family willing to make a lifelong commitment to his care. He would do well with other children in the home, but may do best if he is the only child.

Trevon and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Taylor Rotolo at the National Adoption Center.