Davryanna - she prefers to be called Dayanna - describes herself as a kind and loving person who doesn't bully younger kids and loves animals. The 15-year-old channels her abundant energy into basketball and any outdoor activity.

Other favorite pastimes include dancing, listening to music, and playing video games. She adores anything "Hello Kitty."

Davryanna has fond memories of the day she spent with the women's basketball team at Drexel University. She had the opportunity to scrimmage, do some drills, and learn new techniques. Most important, they taught her about teamwork and encouraging one another.

Davryanna yearns for a permanent home. She dreams of having a family that would share her love of sports and live an active life. It would be great if there were other children in the home. The family could be either a mom and a dad or a single parent.

Davryanna is close to her grandmother, and they should remain in contact.

The majority of available children are school-age, and they desire and deserve the same kind of attention and love shown to younger children.

Davryanna and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Dominique McFadden at the National Adoption Center.