Naila is a sweet and caring 16- year-old who considers others' feelings before her own. She gets along with everyone she meets and does very well with younger children. Her concern for others has led her to volunteer at a local youth club, where she participates in activities with the younger members.

Naila enjoys sports and is involved in volleyball, cross country, and kickboxing. She loves music and dance and will be starting a ballet class soon. Other favorite activities include spending time with her friends and dressing up in the newest fashions.

Naila is proud of her Latin heritage and communicates well in Spanish. She loves to cook, especially Puerto Rican cuisine. She is considering a career in cooking, although she also thinking about going into the military. This year, she is joining her school's ROTC.

If Naila had three wishes, they would be to have her own car, go on a shopping spree and find a forever family.

She would thrive in a family that would give her the freedom to explore her independence, guide her in the years ahead, and provide the love and affection she craves. Her social worker says Naila would bring great joy to any family.

Naila and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Taylor Rotolo at the National Adoption Center.