Believe it or not, getting in better health and shape can be both romantic and fun. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, this is the perfect time for you and your sweetie to review, renew, and recommit to the fitness lifestyle.

Now, don't give me the side eye already. It's true, two heads and two hearts are better than one, and frankly, who better to spend extra time with than your other half, right?

Take working out together. Making exercise a top priority can be especially difficult these days, when couples and families have to juggle so many demands. Wouldn't it be great to share a walk, run, or workout together? You'll be less inclined to just go through the motions, and you can also encourage and gently push each other to the next level.

Are you or your sweetie challenged with smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type II diabetes, or obesity?  If so, you're not alone, because millions of Americans are challenged daily with some of these health concerns.

If either of you smokes, sit down and develop a strategy to quit together. The good news is, it's never too late to quit smoking, no matter how much or how long you have smoked.  So go ahead and kick the habit together. Figure out what strategies will work best for the team.

(Of course, if you or your sweetie have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or Type II Diabetes, you know you should take all medications as prescribed by your physician.)

You likely also know that eating healthier and regular exercise will not only help you manage your weight, but also help to put more life and more love into your years together.  One of the best places to start is at your kitchen table.

While it may not sound sexy, setting aside a little time for meal planning, and also cooking together, can be quite satisfying in a number of ways.

After all, food just tastes better when made with love, right?  So, when you get home, kick off your shoes, put on your favorite tunes, grab a glass of vino, slip on your aprons, and make dinner together. I can almost guarantee you that anything  you cook at home will have far less salt, less fat, and less sugar, and be more nutritious and delicious than anything you get as take-out or at a drive-through. Two more bonuses: You'll save money and spend more precious time together.

Through personal experience, I've discovered I can, in 20 minutes, make a delicious and nutritious meal in less time than delivery or a drive-through.  These days the average food delivery seems to take about 45 minutes, and fast-food drive-throughs are just not that fast anymore. You know what that means? We might as well take back out kitchens and start cooking together at home.

When it comes to exercise, you can make a joint decision to get in some movement in the house, at the gym, or even out in nature.  One of the simplest cardiovascular exercises you can do with your sweetie is climbing stairs together.  Just 30 minutes of heart-thumping stair climbing will have you both breaking a sweat as well as get your heart rates in the fat-burning zone.

In addition to working the heart, climbing stairs also tones your butt and the back of your legs.  So there, you get three exercises for the price of one, and you get the joy of doing it together.

Getting in better health and shape together is a good way to grow closer together.