Q: very much enjoyed your recent column about area rugs. The eating area in my kitchen is round, though, so it makes some sense that I get a round rug. A few years ago, I had spent a lot of time shopping, but got frustrated and gave up without any rug at all. Now it looks like there are more available, so I want to shop again. What tips would you give me?

A: If you haven't shopped for a round rug in a while, you will be plenty surprised with how many beautiful options exist. It's almost as if the rug makers discovered a whole new shape, even though round rugs have been in existence for centuries. Oval rugs, as well as multisided rugs, including hexagons or octagons are other less common options that are also growing in popularity.

Round rugs are a great option especially for small rooms and, ironically, square spaces. Or, for a fresh look when a rectangular rug doesn't look quite right. Just like rectangular rugs, round rugs will also add color and warmth to any room. Round area rugs work particularly well in bedrooms or with asymmetrical furniture arrangements because you don't need to have everything line up perfectly. You also might need a larger round rug than you think because visually, they don't take up as much floor space. They can even be fairly close to a wall.

Round and multisided rugs are measured across the width, which may be referred to as the diameter. Oval rugs are measured in width and length, just like rectangular rugs. Do some shopping to see what measurements are out there and compare with your room size. Often, the rugs will be in even increments such as 5 feet in diameter, 6 feet, 7 feet, 8 feet, etc.

Your dining area will look more cohesive if your rug matches the shape of your dining table, but more importantly, you need to be happy with your rug. Err on the side of too big over too small. If it looks good to your eyes, then it is good! As long as you have enough room to move the chairs without catching on the rug, you'll be fine. Keep me posted.

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