Men today don’t date any more. All he and I do is have sex. We never go nowhere. He just comes over and we’re going at it like animals. He and I have been seeing each other since May and I’m starting to catch feelings.  The sex is real good and everything but I asked him the other day whether we were actually a couple and he didn’t really answer.  We just smoked some more and ended up asleep on my couch.  He’s divorced and not really interested in marrying again. His kids are grown. How can I get him to actually take me out for a chance?

Mia: The next time he comes over, meet him outside with a huge grin. Make sure you look really cute. Have on some heels and a dress. Jump in his car and say, "I made reservations." Then, make him take you to the restaurant. If he balks, get out and go back inside. Don't open the door when he bangs on it. And don't respond to his texts. He's going to complain because he's gotten used to doing the Netflix-and-chill-thing on your couch. But stand your ground. If you want him to at least take you out before you start the horizontal boogie thing on your couch, then that's your right. Don't let him talk you out of it. If he cries poor the way a lot of guys do these days, introduce him to Groupon.

Steve: One thing about love is that it's either there or it isn't. If you tell him a few things you'd like — dinner out, a show you'd like to see — and you get nothing, then love isn't there.  He's just using you. Time for you to get rid of him and find better. All you need is love. Love is all you need.

I got to see a photo of this spectacular birthday cake for Beyonce here in Philly. And husband Jay-Z got the audience to sing “Happy Birthday” to her in his Made in America show Sunday. On Tuesday, Texas native Beyonce is joining a number of stars, including George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey and Jamie Foxx, to do a TV show to raise money for the millions ruined by the huge hurricane in Texas. Here’s my question: Given how evil the all-Republican government has been in Texas, should Beyonce raise millions and then withhold it it unless they agree to share it with the poor?

Steve: Understandable, but even the conservative "no agreement ever" Republicans aren't idiots. The millions raised by Beyonce will help many of the poor. In fact, maybe this terrible storm that's hurt millions has created a liberal-conservative agreement on what needs to be done. Even President Trump is agreeing to help Texans who are of Mexican descent.

Mia: As a member of the Beehive, you really need to "get in formation" on this.  Beyonce isn't raising money to give to government officials to help hurricane victims but to various charities such as the United Way of Greater Houston, Habitat for Humanity, Feeding Texax and the Mayor's Fund for Hurricane Harvey Relief.  The Hand in Hand telecast will air Tuesday at 8 p.m. and be simulcast on all the major networks.

Letter of the week:

Steve you appear to be an intelligent man use YOUR words not someone else's to express yourself. Mia lighten up. What happen to your snarky sense of humor? Looking forward to reading your sage advice. — Miz Val