It's possible you haven't noticed, but I love trying new products. I still have my favorites, though  — those old standbys I turn to time and again that I've repurchased time and again. These known quantities can be relied on for a guaranteed good hair day or long-lasting manicure.

But, lately, they seem to be leaving me en masse.

I swear, it's not me. It's them!

I remain a loyal customer. I want to give them my money. Take my money! Just give me back my TRESemmé Shine Spray, which used to retail for about $3.49 at the grocery store, where I had bought one every six weeks or so for about 10 years.

Until, that is, I was running low and went to pick some up on a recent milk run.

No shine spray. Not even a spot on the shelf where my shine spray should be.

No worries, right? I headed off to Target, but there the story was the same. My shine spray had disappeared, seemingly without a trace.

As of Tuesday morning, I can still buy my beloved shine spray on Amazon — from a third-party seller, for $52.99. That is, give or take, a 1,418 percent increase in price.

I love my shine spray, but 1,418-percent-increase-level love is reserved for my children. (I might not even love my husband that much.)

Farewell, shine spray.

Sadly, buying wildly marked-up products from third-party sellers wasn't even an option when the next product was cruelly taken from me.

I have loved and sworn by the Formula X line of nail polish for several years. The four-part system (a cleanser, base coat, polish, and top coat) can last up to two weeks — pretty impressive for non-gel polish! But it was carried exclusively at Sephora, and Sephora stopped carrying it.

Once I discovered this travesty, I bought up all the remaining stock that my local Sephora had.

Yes, the sales associate laughed. I was not deterred.

But now my supply is dwindling, and far fewer people seem to be trying to sell off their remaining stock. None was available on Amazon on Tuesday morning.

Which is good, because in my time of mourning, I might have been willing to pay the exorbitant price.

Alison Smith will have frizzy hair and chipped fingernails until she can find replacements for her dearly departed discontinued products. Got a burning beauty question? Email