With obsessions — like, say, makeup — there are things that get hyped.

(Did I say obsession? I meant perfectly reasonable and necessary use of money.)

Sometimes, the hype is worth it; sometimes, the hype isn't.

These days, it seems that news of the forthcoming dream product — which will erase your wrinkles or fill in your pores or make you look 10 years younger — gets posted first on social media.

Then the social-media followers are driven into a frenzy.

Then the company in question sends early samples of the now-hyped product to famous YouTubers, who post tutorials using said product. "Look how great you'll be able to look once you're able to buy this product!" they tease.

And then the entire beauty world waits in breathless anticipation until they, too, can get their hands on the dream product.

(I am only slightly exaggerating.)

This very thing happened in early June, when beauty brand Urban Decay Cosmetics posted on Instagram: "Something HOT is coming."

That something was a new Naked Palette: the Naked Heat. The crowd went wild.

I was among those who were stupidly excited. (For example, I made my editor look at pictures of the new palette while I all but stroked the screen whispering, "My precious." Luckily, my editor is used to my shenanigans.)

Urban Decay now has a whole slew of Naked products, but the very first in the line was eyeshadow: the original Naked Palette.

They are very beautiful, very expensive eyeshadow palettes. (The full-size palettes are $54. No, I didn't forget a decimal point.)

Urban Decay's eyeshadow formula is one of my favorites. The shadows are buttery. They go on smoothly. They last all day.

The Naked shadows are so named because the colors are natural. (I love vibrant colors as much as the next girl, but I don't get much cause to wear them in daily life.) When I saw that there was a new incarnation of my favorite eyeshadow palette, this one featuring "amber-hued" neutrals, it didn't take a lot to convince me that I needed it.

(It's probably worth noting that Urban Decay has no idea who I am and has never given me anything. I've purchased every one of my very beautiful, very expensive Naked eyeshadow palettes myself. Real recommendations only, friends.)

I ordered Naked Heat the moment it became available.

Once it arrived, I wore the shades every day for a week straight.

And it is totally worth the hype.

Alison Smith buys into makeup hype every now and again. Got a burning beauty question? Email asmith@philly.com.