If two heads are better than one, that goes double when you're talking flashlights. Put those two slim LED heads at each end of a 34-inch-long twistable aluminum "neck" and you can shed light in spaces a regular flashlight can't go – narrow crevices behind hotel bureaus or beds, under the car seats or hood.

The Clever Scope Dual Headed Flexible Task Light – the newest addition to my list of travel essentials – has more tricks up its "sleeve."  Those two bright LED heads are magnetized, so they may be able to attract and nab keys, jewelry, grooming tools –  anything that contains steel, nickel, iron, cobalt, and a host of other metals that stick to magnets.  Use the entire 34-inch length to probe deep or wrap the flexible neck around your arm or forehead or another object for a closer look in more accessible spaces. The neck can be twisted into a free-standing base, creating a little flexible double-headed tabletop lamp, or lodged behind a book to illuminate facing pages.

Each LED light has an on/off button; each runs on four included replaceable round button-cell batteries.

Clever Scope Dual Headed Flexible Task Light is $12.99 at www.cleverbuilt.com.