With sun glare such a perpetual nemesis when using cell phones and tablets outdoors  —  or inside in sunny rooms — you would think the wizards who manufacture those devices would also make sun visors to shield their highly touted screens. They don't.  Luckily, a company called Hooshion, which markets mainly to drone photography enthusiasts, sells sun hoods that work great shielding screens in more down-to-earth endeavors.

The company's tri-fold visors are made of high-pressed molded silicon with a soft-touch polyurethane skin that grips the sides of your device with strong built-in stretch bands, leaving enough room all around to manipulate touch screens.  They work best in conjunction with a stand or a case with a stand that lets you tilt your screen so the visor can block overhead and peripheral sun glare without your having to hold the device in place.

The big challenge is finding the right size visor for your device, especially if you are using a case, since the published specifications are for screen sizes but don't take into consideration the extra room needed for cases.  A good rule of thumb is to go up a size or even two to accommodate the case — and to make sure you can exchange your purchase if the match isn't right. The hoods are well-constructed and durable and fit a wider range of brands and models than those listed on the website. Scroll past the convoluted listing gobbledygook, and the selection process gets clearer.

Hooshion Folding Sun Hoods for smart phones and tablets run about $17 to $19, at amazon.com.