I can't remember a single trip where my Swiss Army Knife hasn't come in handy. In most cases, any blade would have sufficed  —  which brings us to a nimble little cutting tool called, well, the Nimble.

It's a silicone rubber finger thimble with a tiny ceramic blade embedded at the tip. Though mini, it's mighty enough to slice through paper, tape, plastic packets, and myriad other things that need clipping.  The Nimble is especially useful to anyone with dexterity or gripping limitations.

Just press down and swipe at a 45-degree angle, and you've made the cut.  The rubber stretches to fit most adult fingers, and the minuscule ceramic blade is much safer around skin than the razor sharp metal alternative. Good news for air travelers: Unlike a Swiss Army Knife —  which could get confiscated at a security checkpoint if you haven't stashed it in checked baggage, your Nimble is good to go as carry on — and put to work whenever you please.

  Nimble One Finger Safety Cutter is $9.95 at chestnutstreet.com.