Taking your pooch on a camping adventure can be a delight.  The challenge is figuring out a way for her to run around outdoors unfenced, without your having to hold the leash.

Ruffwear has introduced a way to set Fido free-ish that works much better than the usual methods of tying a long lead to a tree or to one of those swiveling tie-out stakes (where she's likely to end up wrapped around some object or herself).

The new Knot-A-Hitch Dog Hitching System lets you hook her leash up to a heavy duty swiveling carabineer that runs along a strong 36-foot-long reflective mountaineering rope strung between two trees or other stationary objects. The rope is attached at one end to an included stuff sack, as is a long webbed strap with sewn-in attachment loops that are spaced along its length.

Loop the strap around the first tree, securing its nearest attachment loop with the steel clasp where the "run" rope is attached to the sack.  Then loop the loose end of the rope around the second tree, fastening via the steel clip attached to that end of the rope. Back at the first tree, tauten the rope via the integrated tension adjustment mechanism.  While your pup zips back and forth between the two trees, the stuff sack remains in place on the first tree, so it can't get misplaced.  Stash any extra rope or strap back in the sack.

For extra security, the carabineer hooked to the dog's leash handle stays firmly shut thanks to a safety screw mechanism, so the leash can't slip off the clasp by accident. The stuff sack measures just 6 inches by 7 inches by 2 inches deep with everything stashed inside. It has an external zippered pocket; an Instruction diagram is printed on the inside of the bag's flap.

Ruffwear Knot-a-Hitch Dog Hitching System is $59.95 at www.ruffwear.com.