We dog lovers know that vacationing with a pooch means we always have a companion pulling for us.  Take that an energetic leap forward and you have  dog joring, an increasingly popular sport in which your buddy could really be pulling you while you're atop a skateboard, cross-country skis, or anything else that readily rolls or glides.  The three-part  Omnijore Dog Joring System from Ruffwear, gurus of canine adventure gear, consists of a specially designed five-adjustment-point halter with a detachable girth strap for the dog;  an extendable 6.5-foot-long towline/leash with a shock-absorbing elasticized section and strong talon harness clips; and a beefed-up human hip belt with multiple pockets, detachable leg loops (for stabilizing the hip belt), and a quick-release tow line hook-up so you can free Fido  fast if the going gets perilous for either of you. (Full disclosure: I do not go joring with my rescue hound, Shayna).  But the Omnivore Dog Joring System works just as well for running and hiking outings as it does for pup-propelled pursuits.  I'm grateful for the padded hip belt's integrated water bottle holster, the two zippered side pockets, and the way the towline/leash attachment loop can glide left and right along the front of the belt without yanking me to and fro. The Y-style padded harness is strong but comfy, with no chafing of Shayna's sensitive leg pits, and I appreciate the color-coding at both ends of the towline/leash — yellow to the yellow harness hookup point; red to the hip belt's red quick-release strap. The system components are designed to work together, but they can also be bought separately (it's always nice to have a spare).  In testing, I successfully substituted a different harness and was able to loop a regular leash onto the hip belt.  For safe dog joring, though, stick with the system.  Should you forget how to set it up, instructions are written on the inside of the included mesh storage bag.

Ruffwear Omnijore Dog Joring System is $174.95; bought individually, Omnijore harness is $74.95;  hip belt, $69.95; and towline, $49.95; at www.ruffwear.com