SCOTTeVEST pioneered technology-enabled jackets and vests with inside and outside pockets — many many pockets — designed to inconspicuously carry, interconnect, and charge multiple electronic devices.  Now comes the company's comfiest load bearer ever — and look, it's your old friend the hoodie.

Available in cotton/poly or microfleece, the relaxed-fit zippered hooded sweatshirt looks so unassuming. But assume away, because this baby is built with 21 pockets, each strategically placed for its use and for balanced weight distribution when the hoodie is fully loaded.

On the outside, zippered pockets top the two big hand-warmer pockets. Inside the hand-warmers are little zippered pockets for change, as well as a lanyard coil for leashing keys. Unzip the hoodie to access a panel of zippered pockets on each side.

At chest level, a cell phone pocket has a mesh window for viewing and using the touch screen. A pocket below that can house a big tablet computer. More pockets, pouches, and slots secure eyeglasses, wallets, passports, pens, and other gear. A system of little holes and passages in the lining lets you run wires and cables between pockets to plug into battery powered chargers, wired headphones, and other ports of call.

Kudos for the thumb holes in the ribbed cuffs of both sleeves, designed to keep part of your hand warm when fingers are exposed. And, surprise, a flap under the hood flips down to become an eye mask, with   "Do Not Disturb" printed in bold letters. 'Nuff said.

SCOTTeVEST Technology-Enabled Zippered Hoodie in black, cobalt, ash, maroon, or navy cotton/poly blend is $95; black microfleece version is $100; at The hoodie is categorized as menswear, but with a choice of seven sizes, it works fine unisex.