Is anything as wonderful as curling up in your tent inside a toasty sleeping bag on a chilly night camping? Is anything as awful as having to get out of that warm sleeping bag to go out into the elements? No problem, if you've got the new SelkBag Wearable Sleeping Bag.

Designed to keep you warm and comfy in and out of the tent, it looks like a giant snowsuit, but with much more mobility, zip-off booties, and exit flaps at the wrists to quickly bring your hands in and out. Made of ripstop nylon and polyester with hollow fiber polyester insulation, the SelkBag's insulated adjustable hood extends from a high thermal collar for added neck warmth. Kangaroo-style pockets provide shelter for your hands and small essentials, and zippered leg vents help release perspiration and regulate temperature when you feel too warm. Velcro straps let you adjust the fit at key places, such as around the waist and at the wrists and ankles. The zip-off booties let you substitute your own shoes when active, but they have reinforced nylon soles and lateral grips for traction should you choose to keep them on while out and about.

The SelkBag comes in a range colors and patterns — including Star Wars-themed designs — in adult and children's sizes. It's great for sitting around the campfire at night, staying toasty at breakfast, and snuggling up with a companion in a separate bag. Take note: the SelkBag is not meant for really cold weather (below about 37 degrees); cocooning in your onesie is for chilling, not freezing. It's also not equipped for potty time. There's no drop seat at the crotch, so you must wriggle out of the bottoms when nature calls. A fix is in the works.

SelkBag Wearable Sleeping Bag in adult sizes is about $170 for the Original (warmest) model; a lighter, less insulated model is $99. Children's SelkBags are $69 to $89; at