A long lightweight padded mat is great to take along for doing yoga, or any exercise routine during your trip — or, for just plopping down on soggy or sandy turf. The folks at YOGO have a nifty take-along mat that folds and rolls into a small cylinder that fastens tight via an attached strap with two buckle clips and an integrated cloth carry handle.

Yoga practitioners will appreciate that the YOGO mat, which is made with natural tree rubber, has a slightly sticky surface that keeps you from sliding around as you launch into warrior or whatever pose.  But it's not sticky, sticky — more like grippy — so it's comfortable for those of us going for a downward sit rather than a downward dog.

The YOGO mat comes in two sizes. The 72-by-29-inch and 2mm-thick Travel Yoga Mat Long is made of biodegradable tree rubber and rolls into a 14-inch-long cylinder, weighing 3.6 pounds. The smaller 68-by-24-inch and 1.5mm-thick Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat is made of a tree rubber/cotton blend, and rolls into a 12-inch-long cylinder weighing 2.4 pounds. An optional shoulder strap wraps and buckles around the rolled mat for hands-free carrying.

     YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat in plum, forest green, or charcoal is $65; Ultra Travel Yoga Mat Long in charcoal, is $90; optional shoulder carry strap, $7 at yogo.net.