MAYOR Nutter, taxes are supposed to be collected. The money the city collects is from those who always pay. How about you can't vote if your taxes aren't paid? And stop making the people who pay, pay more.

How about we go door to door on these people, and, if they don't pay, you no longer live here? Burn the house down, sell it. I've had it with this city.

How about the people who work for the city who owe taxes? Why is it allowed? How about we want our money now or lose your job? Give that job to someone who wants that job and pays taxes. Buildings that don't pay - level them and rid the city of people who suck the blood out of everyone.

Why isn't there a place where citizens can go to complain about the things this mayor keeps putting on the people who pay?

Then he raised taxes - the city can't run on what we have? And then people got raises. No one from the city should get raises. For what? The cost of living? I don't get a cost of living because our company is struggling as is the rest of the world.

How about a pay cut for the city workers? No, they say, they deserve what they get because they are doing their jobs. Really? If you did your job this city wouldn't look like the slums.

What if the people who pay taxes and don't owe anything to the city voted on city raises? Just how many people do you think would get one?

Joe Morell, Philadelphia

What an ignorant comment letter-writer Joe Miller made about "brothas and sistas" in North Philly. Northeast residents do not subsidize the less fortunate persons of Philadelphia.

I was born and raised in North Philly, worked for the federal government and am now employed by the city - and I'm offended. I guess the hardworking brothas and sistas in North Philly are the ones subsidizing the poor white trash of the Northeast.

Shay Palmer


The Gosnell story

To those who want to know how Dr. Kermit Gosnell operated under such deplorable conditions for decades and eluded discipline, I think I know the answer. He was shrewd enough to set up shop in an impoverished, predominantly black community.

The people charged with overseeing his profession looked the other way throughout 46 lawsuits and at least two deaths while Gosnell operated with all the care and concern of a trash collector. Also, I'm sure he was aware that the anti-abortion activists would be preoccupied with cleaner, healthier, more legitimate establishments.

Garland Elam

Frackville (Pa.) State Prison

Drugs are no joke, Patty-Pat

Op-ed writer Patty-Pat Kozlowski's article about her battles with snow was troubling. Her reference to coping using alcohol and Percocet was insensitive. How many young people have died using these drugs? Doesn't she have an editor?

Pat Brown, Philadelphia