The region is about to become a three-season resort with a dash of October, a return to February, and the a leap into April.

All winter, the patterns have had little staying power as the upper-air flow has been what meteorologists call "progressive."

Generally the cold snaps and warm-ups have been short-lived due to a lack of "blocking" that could the atmosphere on hold.

During the next several days the pattern is going to get about as progressive as it gets, the meteorologists say.

Temperatures are heading into the low 60s on Thursday and maybe even Friday before a cold front makes it way into the region. Between a quarter to half an inch of rain is expected between Thursday night and Friday morning as well.

"It's not going to be a big rainmaker coming up," said Mitchell Gaines, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

The mercury will begin to fall Friday night, making way for a high in just the upper 30s on Saturday when a new round of precipitation breaks out from a fast-moving storm.

Any rain/snow mix is forecast to become all snow with a shot at 2 inches-plus, especially north and west of the city into early Sunday.

If you want to enjoy the wintry landscape you better get up early Sunday because afternoon temperatures are heading to the 40s, and the February sun already is feeling its oats.

Yet another warmup in the east is due next week, and the highs on Tuesday have a shot at making a run at 70.

Could this weekend's passing snowstorm be Philadelphia's last of the winter season? Way too early to tell, Gaines said. Some of the bigger snowfalls pound the region in March.

"We're definitely not out of the woods yet," Gaines said.

Patricia Madej contributed reporting.