A Philadelphia woman got some surprise cash this week, thanks to Ellen DeGeneres.

The comedian/host of NBC's Ellen DeGeneres Show sent former Eagles player Jon Dorenbos to Philly, where he gave Eisha Smith and her friends a chance to play "Cash at Your Dorenbos" to win big during Wednesday's episode.

The seven-minute segment began with DeGeneres calling Smith, a single mother and longtime fan of the comedian, pretending to be a scammer telling her she was a sweepstakes winner. After giving up the joke — a revelation met with shrieks of excitement — DeGeneres told Smith to answer her door, where Dorenbos was waiting.

Her next task was simple: Answer some questions (like "What city is known as the 'City of Brotherly Love'?" and "What does Ellen say at the end of each show?") to win $1,000 for each correct response. Dorenbos also asked Smith to explain why DeGeneres was special to her. Smith described seeing DeGeneres' famed Time magazine cover that read, "Yep, I'm Gay," while she was pregnant at 17.

"Let me tell you, I was so embarrassed to be pregnant in high school, but when I read that cover, and when I read that magazine and read that article, I was able to embrace myself more often and I really didn't care what nobody had to say about me," Smith said. "It didn't matter at all."

DeGeneres announced that Smith would get tickets to the show and Shutterfly would boost the winnings to $60,000.

It's certainly not the first time that DeGeneres has shown Philly some love. Philadelphia resident Amber Connolly, 23, and her family were given $20,000 and a handful of other prizes during an episode that aired last week.

DeGeneres also filmed a segment in Center City last year. And Temple University's Kalen Allen, who recently went viral for his food-reaction videos, is now a regular addition to the talk show.