A 35-year-old Cherry Hill man was indicted Thursday on charges of abandoning a heroin overdose victim in Burlington County last year without calling for emergency help.

Peter Baron Jr. allegedly brought the unnamed man by car to a home on Bartram Road in Evesham Township on Oct. 17 and left him unresponsive inside the foyer before fleeing, said Burlington Count Prosecutor Scott Coffina.

A witness called Evesham police and responding officers revived the victim with several doses of Narcan, the anti-overdose drug, Coffina said.

Baron was indicted on one count of third-degree endangering another person. Coffina said it was inexcusable for Baron not to help under the 2013 Overdose Prevention Act, also known as the Good Samaritan law, which provides that anyone who calls 911 to report an overdose will be immune from arrest and prosecution for drug possession or usage.

"Remember this phrase: 'Don't run, call 911,' " Coffina said in a statement. "There is no acceptable reason for anyone who witnesses an overdose to fail to seek help for the person who is suffering."