Delaware state environmental officials on Friday announced a $600,000 penalty and an additional $150,000 payment as part of  a voluntary order by consent for alleged violations of air-pollution regulations by Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals and its facilities in Marcus Hook, Pa., and Claymont, Del.

The state Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control said an emergency flare at the former Sunoco refinery facility had been modified without a permit for non-emergency use. The company failed to notify the agency about the modification and the increased emissions that resulted.

The additional $150,000 payment is for an improvement project that will help with monitoring air pollution throughout the state.

Sunoco Partners spokesman Jeff Shields said in an email: "We have been transparent about our operations. The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) has determined that there were potential inconsistencies in our permitting, and we worked cooperatively with the state to rectify any issues."

He added: "We are and have been committed to operating the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex and other facilities according to state environmental regulations for emissions in Delaware and Pennsylvania."