An arbitration panel on Tuesday awarded a new three-year contract that includes annual pay raises to more than 300 employees of the Philadelphia Sheriff's Office and Register of Wills, city officials said.

The Sheriff's Office employees will receive a wage increase of 3 percent retroactive to July 2017, the starting month of the new contract, a 3.25 percent increase effective July 2018, and another 3.25 increase effective July 2019. Register of Wills employees will receive a retroactive wage increase of 3 percent effective July 2017, and wage increases of 2.5 percent effective July 2018, and 3 percent effective July 2019. TheĀ  employees in both units are represented by the Fraternal Order of Police.

The arbitration award also includes pension-contribution changes.

Employees represented by the police union cannot strike under state law and are subject to arbitration.