Call it a pie-in-the-sky hope, but people across the Philadelphia region are reaching out to Domino's Pizza on social media to ask the company to help repair Philly's potholes.

As part of an extra-cheesy marketing scheme called "Paving for Pizza," Domino's is offering to provide grant money to communities across the country to fix problematic potholes so the company's pizzas are less likely to be damaged during delivery. Anyone can nominate a neighborhood for consideration at

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And Philly is already all over it. Nothing gets us in a crusty mood like potholes and we'll take any slice of hope we can of getting them repaired.

Some Philadelphians even got a little saucy and expressed doubt that Domino's could deliver on the promise to repair Philly's epic potholes.

Domino's has already paved 203 potholes in four towns through the program, including 40 potholes in Milford, Del. And of course, they put toppings on each of the repaired potholes. Namely, the company spray-painted the tops of the covered potholes with the Domino's logo and the words: "OH YES WE DID."

The topping Domino's places on it's pothole repairs.
Domino's Pizza
The topping Domino's places on it's pothole repairs.

Here's the deep dish on Philly's pothole issue — the city has already repaired 43,470 potholes since January, according to the Streets Department website. That's about 20 percent more than last year, but there are still many more that need to be fixed.

Listen, we're not going to pan this pizza-paving idea even if our favorite Domino is the Van Morrison song and not the pizza chain. Any way you slice it, we can use all the pothole help we can get.

This Signe Wilkinson comic has really gone to pot(holes).
Signe Wilkinson / staff
This Signe Wilkinson comic has really gone to pot(holes).

So try your pot luck and vote for your neighborhood, Philly. Your tires may depend on it.