State Rep. Aaron Bernstine took offense that protesters in St. Louis were blocking the streets after the acquittal of a police officer charged with murder in the death of a black man who was fatally shot after a chase.

Although no one is yet blocking roads in Butler County, Bernstine, who represents a district north of Pittsburgh in the western part of the state, voiced his views with the type of bravado Twitter is known for.

The tweet, of course, provoked some negative reaction.

Bernstine, however, doubled down.

Not just ISIS. In Charlottesville, Va.,  last month, protester Heather Heyer died when she was hit by a car while rallying against white supremacists.

The legislator sent a message to fellow lawmakers over the weekend explaining the tweets and saying his message was misconstrued by media outlets:

"Fellow members,
— Some of these headlines include ‘Republican lawmaker vows to run over protesters who block highways’ and ‘GOP lawmaker threatens to run over protesters with his car.’

Perhaps Bernstine just needs some perspective: