Here are the winners in yesterday's election. Several key races were still undecided late last night, including the contest for the final City Council at-large seat between David Oh and Jack Kelly; one of two state Supreme Court seats, and all three seats on the state Superior Court:

City Council at-large (seven seats, no more than five from the same party):

* James F. Kenney (D)

* W. Wilson Goode Jr. (D)

* Bill Green (D)

* William K. Greenlee (D)

* Blondell Reynolds Brown (D)

* Frank Rizzo (R)

City Council district seats:

District 1

* Frank J. DiCicco (D)

District 2

* Anna C. Verna (D)

District 3

* Jannie L. Blackwell (D)

District 4

* Curtis J. Jones Jr. (D)

District 5

* Darrell L. Clarke (D)

District 6

* Joan L. Krajewski (D)

District 7

* Maria Quinones Sanchez (D)

District 8

* Donna Reed Miller (D)

District 9

* Marian B. Tasco (D)

District 10

* Brian J. O'Neill (R)

City Commissioner (three, no more than two from the same party)

* Anthony Clark (D)

* Margaret M. Tartaglione (D)

* Joseph J. Duda (R)

Clerk of Courts

* Vivian T. Miller (D)

Register of Wills

* Ronald R. Donatucci (D)


* John D. Green (D)

Supreme Court Justice (two elected):

* Seamus McCaffery (D)

Common Pleas Court judge (four elected):

* Linda Carpenter (D)

* Alice Beck Dubow (D)

* Michael Erdos (D)

* Ellen Green Ceisler (D)

Municipal Court judge

* Jacquelyn Frazier-Lyde (D)

* Joseph J. O'Neill (D)

Traffic Court judge

* Willie Singletary (D)

* Robert Mulgrew (D)

* Mike Lowry (D)

Ballot Question No. 1: Shall the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to require council members to be residents of the districts from which they were elected for at least one year prior to their election?


Ballot Question No. 2: Shall the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to create a Public School Family and Child Advocate who will act as an advocate for public school children and their families with respect to all educational and related matters?


Ballot Question No. 3: Shall the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to create a Handicapped and Disabled Advocate who will act as an advocate for all Philadelphians with respect to all matters affecting handicapped and disabled people?


Ballot Question No. 4: City Bond Question: Should the City of Philadelphia borrow $55,090,000 to be spent toward capital purposes as follows: Transit; Streets and Sanitation; Municipal Buildings; Parks, Recreation and Museums; and Economic and Community Development?