UPDATE: Martinez has decided not to run. See her statement below. That was fun for a few hours. 

Former City Solicitor Ken Trujillo, who unexpectedly dropped out of the mayor's race yesterday, has thrown his support – which could include considerable sums of money – behind former city Human Services Commissioner Alba Martinez.

The question now is: Does she want to run?

"Ken and others have urged her to, and I think it's something she is seriously considering," said Trujillo spokeswoman Lauren Hitt. "But, obviously, there are a lot of factors at play and this is happening very quickly."

Martinez, the former CEO of the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania who now works at the Vanguard Group, told the Daily News in November that she is "committed to my role at Vanguard."

But things can change. Exhibit A: Yesterday.

Hitt said Trujillo would likely be "financially supportive" of Alba if she entered the race. That means tapping into his campaign cash – reportedly $400,000, but Hitt wouldn't confirm that figure – and maybe even some of his personal fortune. That kind of support could make Martinez a formidable candidate against presumed front-runners Lynne Abraham and Anthony Williams.

Trujillo had been prepared to donating a nice chunk of personal cash – perhaps $3 million or more – to his own mayoral campaign. It sounds like he's still looking to spend some money to influence this race, even if he isn't the candidate.

No word from Martinez yet. We'll update if we hear from her.

Meanwhile ... Sam Katz.

UPDATE: Here is the Martinez statement: "I was sad to see Ken Trujillo exit the Mayor's race. I love Philadelphia, and  I love public service, however I do not have plans to run for Mayor in 2015 because I am fully committed to Vanguard and to our clients at this time."